Survey to Understand Students in AP


To build a data source on students’ motivations, interests, and time constraints to use for planning purposes and to provide personalized support for students throughout their time in an AP course.


Students will be able to focus on building their AP skills better when lesson planning and supports outside of the classroom meet their needs.

Action Steps

Create a survey that asks about students’ motivations (in and out of the classroom) and interests, and what supports they need or constraints they may have in meeting the demands of the course. (e.g., responsibilities outside of school or a need for transportation after school.)

After students take the survey, collect the data and work closely with other teachers and guidance counselor(s) to connect students with the supports they need.

When planning lessons, plan content that weaves in the student interests they shared.


Collect data from one or multiple classes to compare student’s responses and have a class discussion about what possible supports for students could be. This may help students who don’t know what support could look like think more deeply about how they can solve challenges they face.


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