2024 AP® Summer Institute

About the 2024 AP Summer Institutes (APSI)

These College Board endorsed AP Summer Institutes (APSI) are comprehensive five day trainings for teachers* that teach and/or teachers that are interested with aligning their classes to the following Advanced Placement® courses: African American Studies, Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Capstone™ (AP Seminar and AP Research), Chemistry, Computer Science A, Computer Science Principles, English Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition, Environmental Science, Physics 1, Physics 2, Physics C, Precalculus, and Statistics.


Week 1: July 15 – July 19, 2024

Capstone: July 15 – July 19, 2024


 Bridgewater State University
131 Summer Street
Bridgewater, MA 02324


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Register for the Capstone session

Please note that the Capstone session is by College Board invite only. If you have questions about your school’s eligibility to offer AP Capstone courses, please contact apcapstone@info.collegeboard.org or visit the College Board’s AP Capstone professional development page for more information.

Course Offerings

Course: Instructor


AP Calculus AB (Experienced): Bryan Passwater
AP Calculus AB (New): Jamil Siddiqui
AP Calculus BC (Mixed-Level): Crissie Ricketts
AP Computer Science A (Mixed-Level): Kimberly Burton-Regulski
AP Computer Science Principles (Mixed-Level): Jessica Jarboe
AP Precalculus (Mixed-Level): Paul Rodriguez
AP Statistics (Experienced): Penny Smeltzer
AP Statistics (New): Doug Tyson


AP Biology (Experienced): Phyllis Robinson
AP Biology (New): Lisa Neesemann
AP Chemistry (Experienced): Fred Vital
AP Chemistry (New): Sue Biggs
AP Environmental Science (Mixed-Level): Susan Berrend
AP Physics 1 (Mixed-Level): Jenny Podel
AP Physics 2 (Mixed-Level): Theresa Rudnick
AP Physics C (Mixed-Level): Jesus Hernandez


AP English Language & Composition (Experienced): Lloyd Hoshaw
AP English Language & Composition (New): Mary Jo Zell
AP English Literature & Composition (Experienced): Brian Sztabnik
AP English Literature & Composition (New): John Williamson

Social Sciences and World Languages

AP African American Studies (Mixed-Level): Sharon Courtney


AP Capstone – Research A: Kathleen Coghill
AP Capstone – Seminar for ELA Teachers A: Troy Bradbury
AP Capstone – Seminar A: Thomas Sakole

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Teacher Status Determines the Registration Fee

Mass Insight Education & Research (Mi) AP Core Program Teachers: there are no registration fees for Mi Core Program teachers who have attended fewer than two AP Summer Institutes since entering the Mi Program, and will be teaching at least one AP math, science, or English course during school year 2024-25. For these eligible Mi teachers, there is no cost to attend for an AP math, science, or English course.

Mi Sustaining Partnership Program (SPP) Teachers: please refer to the Registration Fees chart on the registration website for cost to attend. Teachers from a SPP school may have their attendance funded through a school/district partnership with Mi and should confirm with school administrators before registering. A discount may apply depending on the school/district partnership with Mi.

CAPSTONE/Non-Mi/Other Teachers: please refer to the Registration Fees chart on the registration website for cost to attend. These are teachers from schools not participating nor affiliated with any of the Mi programs.

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Health Safety Guidelines

Mass Insight and Bridgewater State University are committed to the safety of all our APSI participants and community!
Our current operating assumptions are based on current data, conditions, and/or Government guidelines. We expect that all persons participating and/or involved with the APSI will adhere to any and all Federal, State, and Local rules and regulations regarding health safety that may be in place at the time of this APSI.

General Guidelines/Best Practices and Assumptions include:

  • All persons participating and/or involved with the APSI are encouraged to be fully vaccinated against COVID prior to arriving on campus but will NOT be asked about their vaccination status at any time
  • All persons participating and/or involved with the APSI are encouraged to wear a face mask while on campus if they are unvaccinated or if it is their personal preference regardless of vaccination status but it will NOT be a requirement
  • All persons participating and/or involved with the APSI are encouraged to monitor their own health while attending and stop participating if they become ill
  • All persons participating and/or involved with the APSI should expect meals and snacks via a traditional buffet-style setting

Please contact us at mieap@massinsight.org for any questions not answered here or on the FAQs page on the CVENT registration website. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you this summer!

Policy Date: 2/1/24

What our past teacher participants are saying.

“Professional development is often times – and for many good reasons – designed to address the needs of new or emerging teachers and may not be content focused. The AP trainings…by Mass Insight are the best of my over twenty-year teaching career. I return from them feeling as if I have just been gifted – with materials and inspiration and power.” – Anne S., Excel High School

“Over the past seven years, the professional development and support provided by Mass Insight have been the best in my nineteen-year career as an English teacher.” – Christopher R., Ludlow High School

“The professional development offered through Mass Insight has been the best I have ever received, and I have been teaching for over 20 years.” – Charles C., Ludlow High School

“As a teacher and a mom, I know without a doubt that I was able to help my students and my own children because of the excellent training Mass Insight provides every year.” – Elisa L., Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School

“The summer institute was phenomenal. I learned so much and met some really great colleagues who were more than willing to share their expertise.” – Crystal D., Granby Junior Senior High School

“In short, I have learned far more about acquiring effective content, curriculum mapping, pedagogy, practical instruction, and assessment than I did in college – including graduate school – or any other type of professional development in my 14 years of teaching.” – Nicholas B., Quaboag Regional Middle High School

“Mass Insight has provided some of the best professional development I have experienced in 24 years of teaching. The materials and training I have received have made me a more effective teacher of literature and rhetoric.” – Jennifer B., Granby Junior Senior High School

Spots are limited, register today!

Advanced Placement®, AP®, and Capstone™ are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission. The Mass Insight 2024 AP Summer Institute is endorsed by the College Board.

Since 2008, Mass Insight has trained over 12,000 teachers! Register today and join an exciting week filled with engaging discussion around content pedagogy, connect with peers and nationally recognized content experts, and participate in one of the largest AP Summer Institutes in the Region! Graduate Credits and PDPs/CEUs are available for both Capstone and non-Capstone courses!


Please visit the FAQs page on the registration website or contact us at: mieap@massinsight.org.

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