AP® On-Track Framework

Recommended experiences for student success

The AP On-Track Framework details experiences that help students stay on track to persist and be successful in AP over the course of an academic year. The On-Track Framework was designed specifically with the needs of historically underserved students including those who identify as Black, Latino, and those experiencing poverty in mind.

Critical Periods

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Strong Start


Keeping Up


Midterm Reset


Exam Prep


Due to varying school schedules and contexts, the exact timing of the critical periods will differ by school and even by class. The months provided are a guide for where teachers should be looking for experiences based on time of year. Experiences marked with “ Students Shared” were generated directly from conversations with students about what supports their success in AP.

Understanding the On-Track Framework

Experiences in the On-Track Framework are organized into five domains that group skills necessary for student success, and four critical periods that span an AP academic year. The critical periods identify time periods when the described experiences are especially beneficial in helping students be successful in their AP classes and on the AP exam.

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