Classroom Strategies for AP® Success

This menu of strategies is meant to help teachers, counselors, coaches, and administrators support the learning experience of historically marginalized students in Advanced Placement® classes equitably. It includes strategies that address students’ academic and non-academic skills as well as strategies to modify instruction. There are over 100 strategies that can be put in place by individual teachers by following the action steps found in each strategy.


To help students manage their coursework in AP courses by utilizing SMART goals.

To support students with a routine for setting and checking goals along the path to meeting learning objectives.

To provide students with the tools they’ll need to manage the competing priorities that come with the rigor of AP coursework and their own lives.

To model mental moves that support a growth mindset – a crucial step in students’ growth needed to be sucessful in AP.

To guide students in setting a schedule to effectively prioritize and utilize their time in AP coursework and out of school.

To promote increased focus, class participation, and a sense of academic belonging.

To guide students in reflecting on and sharing their working preferences with a group in order to identify strategies to navigate procrastination.

To onboard student into the AP Program so they are prepared to begin by Day 1 of coursework and have an opportunity to build the foundation needed to excel later.

To expose students to professionals that make a difference and are directly related to their academic trajectory in high school.

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