AP Club/Committee/Focus Group


To establish a structure to leverage student voice and choice and support students’ development of non-academic skills.


Student voice and leadership skills will be amplified by having a representative body of students and faculty who can advocate on AP student concerns and needs.

Action Steps

  • Determine an adult sponsor for the Committee.
  • Go through the steps to establish an official student club/organization ensuring school and district policies are followed.
  • Gather student voice on structure, function, and goals in supporting students’ AP education experience.
  • Establish a schedule of regular meeting dates and times and communicate it to students and stakeholders (families, committee co-leads, administrators).
  • During the first meeting, establish practices for students to share their voice, model the practices for students and communicate the practices that will be used for operationalizing students’ input (through connections to administration or other relevant stakeholders in power).



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