Helping State Education Agencies evaluate the effectiveness of their policies and practices as well as refine and monitor their strategies.

Mass Insight recognizes the critical role state education agencies play in creating conditions and providing supports so that districts and schools can thrive.

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Diagnostics for State Education Agencies

State Education Agency Diagnostic Review

Mass Insight assesses the extent to which an SEA is maximizing its available resources to develop the capacity of LEAs and improve school performance. We begin with our 7-point framework, developed with SEAs through our state development network; we also offer significant customization to assess particular SEA initiatives, programs, and divisions/offices. Our reports provide a limited number of high-leverage recommendations and are often a starting point for strategic planning.

Custom Program Evaluation

Mass Insight conducts tailored program evaluation to support departments’ understanding of current programmatic strengths, growth opportunities, and next steps to support improvement. Our evaluation approach starts by defining key research questions the evaluation seeks to answer, followed by an extensive data and artifact review, stakeholder engagement activities (surveys, focus groups, and interviews) to inform a report of findings to support the department’s strategic next steps. Some of our past custom program evaluations include special education, MTSS, discipline, and alternative education programs.

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Planning for State Education Agencies

State Education Agency Planning and Department Planning

Mass Insight facilitates department strategic planning to address root causes of low performance by conducting a diagnostic review and facilitating a root cause analysis, strategy and goal setting, and action planning. Our facilitation process engages representative department stakeholders to develop manageable plans that recognize growth opportunities and needs, focus on a few key priorities, and reflect the capacity of staff to implement.

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Implementation for State Education Agencies

Theory of Action and Framework Development and Implementation

Mass Insight supports SEAs in the design and implementation of theories of action and frameworks to support statewide organization and coherence of school and district improvement efforts. Our process creates a shared vision and language for success (theory of action), and through an inclusive process, defines the specific effective practices, conditions, and/or criteria for success. Resulting frameworks equip districts and schools with the conditions they need to address root causes, as well as build leadership capacity and collective responsibility for improvement.

Performance Monitoring and Management

Mass Insight partners with SEAs and department teams to support ongoing monitoring and management of their strategic plans. Strong plans (read our Road Map to Developing a School Improvement Plan) describe who is doing what when to advance priorities, and we support SEAs and department teams to establish a regular monitoring process, create data tools, and provide protocols and training to build leadership capacity.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Mass Insight partners with department leaders to provide strategic leadership coaching. Our executive leadership coaching includes: vision setting and planning support about department operational or cultural direction; facilitated short- and long-term department priorities, metrics, and strategies; design and research support; and ongoing implementation and management thought partnership.

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