Model Asking for Help


To show students that asking for help is an expectation in AP class and that access to it is within reach.


By modeling explicitly for students how to access and ask for help, it increases the likelihood that students expect to need help and lowers any inferences students may make that asking for help means they are not performing to expectations.

Action Steps

Define specific ways for students to ask for help:

  • What do they say?
  • What do they do?
  • Who can they ask for help?
  • When Is the right time to ask?

Model the steps for doing so to students.


Ask academic support providers (e.g., librarians, writing center tutors etc.) to visit the classroom and introduce themselves and the support they can provide to AP students.

Incentivize students seeking help by offering meaningful rewards for documented instances of leveraging support (e.g. extra credit).


Are these strategies helpful?