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Strong Start


Keeping Up


Midterm Reset


Exam Prep


Due to varying school schedules and contexts, the exact timing of the critical periods will differ by school and even by class. The months provided are a guide for where teachers should be looking for experiences based on time of year. Experiences marked with “ Students Shared” were generated directly from conversations with students about what supports their success in AP.

Keeping Up

At this point in the year, students are familiar with the AP® structure. As the AP coursework ramps up, students need to feel a strong network of support from adults and peers coupled with a strong classroom culture of teamwork, collaboration, and persistence. Nurturing a growth mindset and providing tools for students to develop agency is essential. As coursework becomes more strenuous and the holiday breaks draw closer, students will benefit from these extra supports to persevere as things get more challenging.

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Each experience links to multiple classroom strategies contained within the “Classroom Strategies for AP Success” bank. This menu of strategies is meant to help teachers, counselors, coaches and administrators support the learning experience of historically underserved students in Advanced Placement® classes equitably. It includes strategies that address the academic and non-academic skills of students as well as strategies to modify instruction.