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Elicit Student Input Regarding Classroom Structures and Operations


To create a classroom setting that operates with choices and structures co-planned by students.


Students who have helped plan some of the structures and operations of a classroom will develop a sense of belonging and ownership in the space because they have had a chance to contribute to key facets of the experience.

Action Steps

Take the time to plan which parts of the classroom experience students can help mold through their choices.

Use meaningful options like when certain types of assignments are due, how make-up work is handled, or how students are grouped.

Determine which way you want to gather student input (e.g. survey, exit slip or hand vote).

Ensure once choices are made each student has an opportunity to agree with the choice before everyone agrees to the choice (teacher included).

Post the agreements (norms) around the classroom so they are visible to students and teachers to serve as reminders as the year progresses.



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