An Interview with Paula Nassif and Lorena Lopera

Our board clerk Paula Nassif sat down for an interview with colleague Lorena Lopera to discuss Lorena’s work at Latinos for Education, her new seat on the Boston School Committee, and L4E’s support of the Educator Diversity Act. Recap of the discussion in Spanish at the end of the video.

Paula is the Global Society Program & Partnership Manager at Wolters Kluwer Health, where she forwards the company’s mission to improve the quality and effectiveness of healthcare worldwide. Paula is passionate about being involved in non-profit organizations where she utilizes her skills and leadership to give back to the community and help others succeed in their careers.

Lorena Lopera is Executive Director, New England at Latinos for Education. She is a first-generation immigrant from Colombia who knows how much hard work, resilience, and support goes into simply finding the right opportunities for success. Through her work, Lorena wants to ensure that students, educators, and families can move beyond fighting for access and focus on creating impact.

To learn more about Latinos for Education (L4E), visit

To learn more about the Educator Diversity Act, visit

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