Struggling, Surviving, Thriving


To allow students to share their feelings, and encourage a sense of camaraderie with their peers.


Students feel more connected to one another. Students feel like the teacher cares about them as people first and as students second. The teacher assigns things when students feel present and ready to learn.

Action Steps

Hand students a notecard that simply says “A. Struggling, Surviving or Thriving? B. Anything you the teacher can do to help? C. Anything you need help with beyond what the teacher can do?”

If a number of your students are all surviving, and exhausted and stressed, consider acknowledging that and if possible, acting on that knowledge. Most of the time, when students are struggling/surviving, they feel less isolated knowing others are too.

These steps help students feel less alone, and shows them adults are willing to be flexible and that students can succeed even when they are overwhelmed.



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