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Individual Academic & Social Planning Guides


To support students seeking college alternatives, trade options, and navigating varied legal status or financial constraints for post-secondary plans.


Students will have clear and actionable academic and non-academic goals that are individualized to their needs and monitored quarterly.

Action Steps

  • Design a simple quarterly monitoring plan for students to use with their guidance counselors and teachers to define academic and non-academic goals, monitor progress, and define student accountability measures. This tool can be created through an online student learning plan or can be a printed guide.
  • Advisory workshops and other student learning opportunities can help strengthen student awareness or needs, support advocacy, and create goals based on academic progress and post-secondary interest.
  • For students seeking trade careers, the counselors can focus on moving the student towards AP courses that could help strengthen trade skills.
  • This process can help the school assess student progress throughout the years, effectiveness of the implementation plan and impact on AP participation/preparation.



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