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Attributes of High-Quality Work and a Vision for Attaining It


To define and clarify the attributes of high-quality work in order to plan projects that promote deep learning and understanding.


Students will deepen their understanding of high-quality work and their belief that there is value in succeeding in AP coursework and on the AP exam.

Action Steps

Engage students in conversation regarding the attributes of high quality work. These descriptors are intended to provoke deeper conversation and act as a starting point for formulating a shared understanding of quality.

Complexity: Rigorous, standard-aligned work that exceeds grade-level expectations by requiring students to apply, analyze, evaluate, and create during instruction and through projects. Complex work connects to big concepts that unites disciplines, prioritizes transfer of knowledge to new contexts, and requires the application of higher order literacy skills.

Craftsmanship: Work is done precisely and accurately that requires revision, critiques, and improvement.

Authenticity: Original, creative thinking (rather than fact retrieval). Uses formats or standards from the professional world (e.g. students create a book review for a local newspaper, rather than a book report for the teachers). Connects academic standards with real-world issues, controversies, people, and places, which gives purpose to the work and to the larger community. Can be created for and shared with an audience beyond the classroom.


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