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Focus on Oracy — Building Confidence for Student to Speak in Groups


To emphasize the importance of public speaking and provide regular opportunities for students to talk about their ideas as part of the learning process in a variety of contexts.


Students will develop oracy skills through academic conversation.

Action Steps

Set guidelines and norms for what encompasses strong discussion. Model and/or provide exemplars and non-exemplars of strong discussion.


Option 1:

  • Assign roles of Clarifier, Challenger, and Summarizer in each group
  • Clarifier: Acts like a commentator
  • Challenger: Provocates, questions, challenges
  • Summarizer: Acts like a referee and judge of the arguments
  • Make use of Talking Points – controversial statements to initiate discussion that can be used in any subject. Talking Points encourage discussion by navigating away from yes or no responses to questions, introducing students to a format on how to carry out the conversation.

Option 2:

  • Have students prepare to debate/discuss by giving them the prompt beforehand and assign them three points and a counterpoint.
  • Keep groups small (no more than five) and watch them discuss. This is a good option for students that have things to say but need to prepare beforehand.


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