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Focus on Oracy — Building Confidence for Student to Speak Aloud


To emphasize the importance of public speaking and provide regular opportunities for students to talk about their ideas as part of the learning process in a variety of contexts.


Students will develop oracy skills through academic conversation.

Action Steps

  • Set guidelines and norms for what encompasses academic language and a “complete” answer.
  • Call on all students (at random so they see it’s fair) as often as possible. If a student doesn’t know, try to not let them opt out but work through an answer. If they still don’t know, have another student answer and return to the the first student to summarize.
  • If kids seem to be stuck, try to recap what they have said, rephrase, and add in academic vocabulary until the answer matches your class standard for a “complete” answer. Students will have much more confidence with this as the year goes on.
  • Additionally, utilize Turn & Talks so students have a chance to verbally summarize an answer with one other person before potentially sharing out with a group.


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