To shift school resources (time during the school day, space within the building, a staff member to assist in the study hall) to help AP students outside of class without the cost of high-demand before or after school time by establishing an AP Study Hall.


Students who take advantage of AP Study Halls get assistance, time to complete assignments or homework, and connect with other AP students to help build a further sense of belonging and to obtain support with skill building – all during the school day.

Action Steps

Connect with school building leadership to determine the feasibility of opening an AP Study Hall.

Resources needed include:

  • Coordinator (or teachers assigned to manage it throughout the day);
  • Space;
  • A schedule that accommodates a study hall;
  • Signage or other means of communicating to students that the study hall is for AP students.

Orient the staff member who will be supervising the study hall. Ensure they check in with each student individually to find out the students’ academic goals, supports they can provide, and that shared expectations for using the space are communicated.



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