Mass Insight Launches New Service to Tackle Chronic Absenteeism 

The Targeted Intervention: Chronic Absenteeism will take a community-based exploratory approach to understanding the experiences of chronically absent students and efforts to increase student attendance. 

March 18, 2024 – Mass Insight Education & Research (Mass Insight) recently announced its new service offering, Targeted Intervention: Chronic Absenteeism, designed to help schools understand the chronically absent student experience, create and test evidence-based strategies for re-engaging chronically absent students, and codify and progress monitor strategies to address absenteeism.  

A study by Attendance Works and the Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University found that a third or more of students in high poverty schools were considered chronically absent in school year 2021-2022. According to a recent report in The74, it could take until 2030 for schools to recover from the impact that COVID-19 had on chronic absenteeism.  

Mass Insight has extensive experience designing and conducting quality school and district reviews and program evaluations, as well as facilitating high-quality focused plans and supporting their implementation at the school and district level through continuous improvement cycles that prioritize the local context and operate within educators’ current capacity to build further capacity. With this new service, Mass Insight hopes to help schools make gains towards re-engaging chronically absent students in a matter of months, rather than years, and to give educators an instantly usable Re-Engagement Guidebook tailored to their unique school context. 

About Mass Insight Education & Research: 

Mass Insight Education & Research was founded over 25 years ago and partners with states, districts, schools, and communities to implement customized strategies and build capacity to advance equity and opportunity in K-12 education, so that all students, and particularly those who have been systemically marginalized, are prepared to achieve their academic and personal potential. For more information, visit

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