Mass Insight Education & Research Expands Equity Partnership Services

Equity-First Transformation centers on designing sustainable systems change that creates conditions, systems, and structures that enable all students, especially students who have been historically marginalized, to learn and thrive. 

June 23rd, 2023 – Mass Insight Education & Research (Mi) is proud to announce an expanded suite of services that has been in development for over two years called Equity-First Transformation. This work began to take shape during the COVID-19 pandemic as school system leaders were charged with repairing a system in crisis by “reinventing” learning experiences to improve student learning outcomes and address issues of learning loss, with equity at the core of these innovations. 

Equity First Transformation evolved from the idea that one-size-fits-all schooling meets the needs of very few. “We’ve worked with schools, districts, and state agencies for over 25 years to change the life trajectory of historically marginalized students and we’ve learned that meaningful change begins with a community-driven process,” said Mass Insight’s President & CEO, Susan F. Lusi, Ph.D. “Now more than ever, our historically marginalized students require us to collaborate and co-develop the educational experiences that they need and deserve and that begins with meeting the urgency of this complex moment in K-12 education.”

A complex web of local, state and federal policies, regulations and contractual requirements, as well as outdated mindsets must be overcome in order to work towards Equity First Transformation, which is focused on critical equity mindsets anchored in liberatory approaches. Using a multi-year three phase approach, Mi partners with education organizations to build capacity and develop sustainable coalitions to advance equity and justice that leads to improved student outcomes.

“I am excited to lead this pivotal phase of our work, with an aim to actualize our shared vision of equity and liberation for students,” shared Cassandra Brentley, Ed.D., an Engagement Manager leading the Equity First Transformation work. “We are inviting school, district, and community partners nationwide, particularly those who resonate with our transformative vision for the future – a future that dismantles historic barriers, which will create conditions for traditionally marginalized students to access educational pathways that lead to thriving futures.”

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About Mass Insight Education & Research:
Mass Insight Education & Research (Mi) was founded over 25 years ago and partners with states, districts, schools, and communities to implement customized strategies and build capacity to advance equity and opportunity in K-12 education, so that all students, and particularly those who have been systemically marginalized, are prepared to achieve their academic and personal potential. For more information, visit

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