Equity-First Transformation

Reinventing Education to Meet the Moment

For 25 years, Mass Insight (Mi) has worked to improve schools, districts, and state agencies around the country to change the life trajectory of historically marginalized students by addressing issues of equity in education. As we continue in our aim to dismantle education systems that were not designed for all children to thrive, we seek to support educators, students, families and other key community stakeholders in designing sustainable systems change that create the conditions for liberated learning experiences.

Our Goal

Mi seeks to cultivate partnerships with school districts and youth serving organizations to join our Equity-First Transformation movement to meet the urgency of this complex moment. More than ever, our historically marginalized students require us to collaborate and co-develop the educational experiences that they need and deserve. We aim to support partners to build capacity and develop sustainable coalitions to advance equity and justice that leads to improved student outcomes through a community-driven process.

Our Plan

Mi seeks to support education organizations to develop and apply liberatory approaches to challenges they identify and prioritize. Over time, these skills and related mindsets will grow to become the operating norms of the education leaders and the organizations they manage. Mi will address adaptive challenges through community-driven capacity building using a multi-year three phase approach:

Phase 1

Equity Audit Accelerator

Phase 2

Community-Driven Strategic Planning

Phase 3

Implementation Support

Identify root causes of problems and the systems creating inequitable and unjust student outcomes.

A process, led by educators, students,
parents, and other key stakeholders
that cultivates coalitions of support
and accountability in establishing
strategic priorities.

Design, test, actualize, and sustain innovative solutions co-created by those most impacted by the problems being addressed.

Our Approach

Key components of our approach include:

  • Learning and development focused on critical equity mindsets anchored in liberatory approaches and transformational design.
  • Leadership capacity building and customized facilitation with educators, students, caregivers, and other diverse stakeholders.
  • Implementation to impact coaching, conditions analysis and strategy building to change systems and policies aligning the allocation of people, time, money, and programs in ways that create thriving schools.

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