Mass High School Students Spend Saturday at School

BOSTON – November 13, 2019 – Over 1500 students will be attending Mass Insight Education & Research’s “Saturday @ School” program in high schools across Massachusetts on Saturday, Nov. 15th. Students will receive a total of 6,000 hours of additional instruction in Advanced Placement math and science courses during their Saturday study session. Mass Insight organizes almost 200 Saturday study sessions throughout the school year to provide additional learning time in AP STEM and English.  Mass Insight’s AP STEM & English program serves almost 10,000 students in more than 80 partner high schools and is the largest high school STEM program in Massachusetts.  

Jamil Siddiqui, the 2019 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year and a content specialist with Mass Insight, will be teaching AP calculus students at the Boston site of the Saturday study session.  Mr. Siddiqui said, “Our Saturday classes give students the extra help they may need to learn a challenging concept or solve a tough problem.  They also provide AP teachers with an opportunity to network and learn from each other.” 

In addition to calculus, Saturday study sessions will also be held in computer science, biology, chemistry, environmental science, physics, and statistics.   

Sally Guadagno, Mass Insight’s managing director of AP STEM & English said, “It is inspiring to see so many students at multiple locations across the state attending classes on Saturday.  Their participation is a real indicator of the commitment so many high school students and teachers have to being successful in college-level AP courses.” 

According to the College Board, Massachusetts has led the nation for three years in a row in the percentage of high school seniors scoring a three or higher on AP exams.   

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