Boston Foundation awards Mass Insight a grant to fund Grove Hall partnership

Boston, Mass., May 7 – Mass Insight Education & Research (Mi) announced today it has received a $100,000 grant from the Boston Foundation to fund transformational work in the five BPS schools that are part of Boston’s Grove Hall Alliance (GHA). This extends the work that was funded by a $50,000 Phase 1 grant from the Eos Foundation. The GHA is organizing a community-wide effort to provide neighborhood students with a K-12 pathway of high performing schools.

“This grant will allow us to help these schools plan a path forward, as well as collaborate across the Alliance,” said Mi President and CEO Dr. Susan F. Lusi. “We look forward to combining our national experience in school improvement with the local expertise of the principals, teachers, and community members of Grove Hall as we work together to improve student outcomes and supports.”

Mi was founded in 1997 and today serves students in states across the country through its school improvement program. It has also served more than 50,000 students in MA since 2008 through its Advanced Placement STEM and English program.

Funds for this grant come from the Boston Foundation’s Permanent Fund for Boston, Greater Boston’s only endowed fund focusing on the pressing needs of Greater Boston. The Permanent Fund has been made possible by more than a century of gifts from those who seek to support innovative solutions to the region’s most pressing problems since 1915.

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