Targeted Intervention: Chronic Absenteeism

Especially in the last three years, schools are struggling with student attendance. Clearly students need to be in school to access learning opportunities. And the reasons why students are struggling to consistently attend school vary greatly—from caring for family members, work needs, lack of engagement, bullying, and any number of other unknown reasons. We know from experience that fully understanding the root causes for attendance and chronic absenteeism is challenging, since the students whose voices and experiences need to be heard are not present. You need results. You need a new approach.

An Urgent Need

Reports indicate that it could take until 2030 or longer for chronic absenteeism to return to pre-pandemic levels.

A third or more of students in high poverty schools were considered chronically absent in school year ‘21-’22.

Mass Insight’s Targeted Intervention: Chronic Absenteeism prioritizes:

  • The voices and experiences of students who are chronically absent or approaching chronic absenteeism,
  • Current school practices and their effectiveness in connecting with and re-engaging absent students, and
  • A continuous improvement approach led by educators that leverages partner support to manage progress and implement field-tested and effective strategies.

Phase 1

Understand the Chronically Absent Student Experience

Phase 2

Create and Test Evidence-Based Strategies for Re-engaging Chronically Absent Students

Phase 3

Codify and Progress Monitor Strategies to Address Absenteeism

Are you ready to create more student success in your school or district?

By partnering with Mass Insight, you will gain a better understanding of the challenges your students are facing that are keeping them out of school, learn what interventions are working, and receive an instantly usable Re-Engagement Guidebook tailored to your unique context to help with implementation and monitoring. Contact us to get started on your journey.

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