Our Equity Diagnostics support districts in understanding their current strengths, areas for improvement, and provide recommended next steps to strategically and effectively further equity and inclusion.

Mass Insight offers three equity diagnostics: the Equity Audit, the Equity Accelerator, and the Implementation to Impact (I2I) Equity Assessment.


Comparison of Equity Diagnostic Activities

Comparison of Equity Diagnostic Deliverables

I am very appreciative of the work that Mi did during their equity audit… I did not hear rumblings around the school community that the audit was intrusive or uncomfortable which, considering the sensitive nature of the audit, seems like a huge positive to me. The results were presented very thoroughly, and I appreciate the actionable recommendations.

School Committee Member

Walpole Public Schools, MA

They were an excellent partner in this work in the sense that they’re very professional and always prepared, always followed through, very organized, and able to kind of keep the work moving.

District Leader

The Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough, MA

When you work with organizations, you’re looking for somebody who is listening to you, who can be personable, who you don’t wonder if they heard you. And that’s exactly what this group does.

District Leader

Aldine Independent School District, TX

Six months after the equity audit, district leaders shared the following equity-related actions were underway:

“We started an equity task force.”

“We now have a director of DEI who does just solely that work.”

“We continue to use the audit as a tool to inform our overall plan.”

“We made changes to our leadership goals.”

“It’s important for us to stop looking at the district in an aggregate form and saying we’ll be fine because once you start looking at intersections, or once you start looking at individual student groups, you’ll realize that not everybody is necessarily going to be fine.”

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